Acrylic Brushes, Gel Brushes & Nail Art Brushes

At Naio you can get all the brushes you need to sculpt your fingernails. From acrylic and gel brushes to nail art brushes, everything you require is all here. Nail art is never boring and you can now make things even more interesting and fun as you can select brushes with different coloured handles.

That is not all though, as there are brushes of various sizes that can be chosen according to your expertise. You may wish to go for a smaller barrel, which will give you less of a liquid pick up, if you are just learning the techniques for overlays and free form sculpting.

Those slightly more experienced can choose the medium barrel for easy product pickup, while large barrels will give you even more as they are just perfect for faster-setting liquids.These acrylic and gel brushes from Naio can be bought individually or as part of bulk buy savings on nail products.