3D Nail Art Design Flower Petals

In this Video Gemma Lambert and Naio Nails show us how to create a 3D petal effect on an acrylic nail. The nail is built up to enhance the 3D look. This will leave your nails looking stunning and attractive.

We're going to do another 3D flower, again on an Arabella form so that once it's set you can take it off, store it away and place it on your client when they come back in.

This time we're going to do petals on top of petals. So, we need to separate the flower a little bit more so we can get more petals in there. We're going to be using a white and a nice neon pink. Again, remember to take all that liquid out of the back of the bead so that when you place it on it doesn't sink too much. Get that liquid out of your brush and bring it back to a nice point, wait for that bead to turn to a matte finish. To check if your bead is ready - press into it, if it bounces back up on you it's not quite ready. Leave it a little bit longer. Again, pressing that bead out with the belly of your brush, not with the tip of your brush. The tip of your brush stays on the inside of where your flower is going to be. High angle, not too flat.

So pulling these petals out a little bit more this time because we're going to do some petals on the inside of this flower - we don't want it to be too tight in the middle. Placing that third bead a little bit further out so you've got a gap in that centre. Again, press into that bead, if it bounces back at you it's not quite ready, if it doesn't then it's ready. We're going to have to do another layer of petals inside this flower. A little bit of a smaller bead, so just a little less pick up, again, take the liquid out. You're going to place these petals on the join of the last three. So again we're waiting for that consistency to turn to a matte finish before we start pressing it. Liquid out of your brush, bring your brush back to a point. Press it to see if it's ready. If it bounces back at you it's not quite ready. So we're bringing the brush angle up a little bit higher now and we're pressing that petal out. Press it, see if it's ready. Keep that brush angle nice and high.

We still want to keep that centre nice and clear - if you overload that centre with too much product, when you place your final bead in the centre it will be too high and it will end up looking like a pyramid shape - you want a nice gap in the centre there. Press it to see if it's ready, again, keep that brush angle nice and high. We're going to finish this one off with a little diamante in the middle. I'm going to use a pink diamante.You're going to pick up a small white bead. Take the liquid out the back like you would normally. Place that bead into the centre and then you're going to go on to pick up a pink diamante. Place it on top of the bead. Let that bead set for a few seconds first and then you're going to press that diamante in. And what it will do is the acrylic will encase around it so the client won't knock that diamante off. And that's that one done.